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Guests will love this personalized treat! Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday bash or any other special occasion, individual boxes are always a hit! They can be used to greet your guests or as a partying gift. Box sizes can vary from a light snack to a full size meal. Simply tell me your desires and inspiration and we will work together to create your perfect box! I am fluent in all design software so we can work with existing images or I can create a personal label for you. Color schemes and fonts are endless possibilities! Handwritten calligraphy labels are also available. Upon arrival, the boxes will come prepared yet unassembled. Simply pop them open and fill them with your goodies! If you are interested in talking about your specific needs, please convo me with the following information: -What do you plan to use the boxes for? (size) -What color boxes are you interested in using? There are many colors and patterns we can choose from. -How many boxes do you expect to need? -What is your wedding theme/color scheme? -Do you have a specific design throughout your weddding that you would like to keep in style with? -Would you like ribbons, bows, bordered paper, feathers, tags, etc? The price per box varies depending on the color, amount ordered and overall design elements desired. Larger orders have a lower price per box. Please do not purchase a single box listing. Convo me :) Thank you for your interest, I look forward to working together


Photo via: storymixmedia.com

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